Calligraphers For Hire

Kathryn Angelone
Custom slate plaques featuring calligraphy on parchment.

Ben DeRubertis
Fine hand lettering for tributes, awards, memorials, certificates, envelopes, or any lettering needs.


Elizabeth Fleming
Specializing in copperplate lettering for envelopes, placecards, and poems.

Larry Gabler
Full service custom calligraphy, including mat and frame services. Postal art, hand lettered verse, certificates, awards, resolutions and documents.
Lynn Imhoff
Specializing in custom Copperplate lettering for invitations, envelopes, guest cards, and more.

Susan Cone Porges
Wide variety of calligraphy styles for envelopes, place cards, etc.  Specializing in one-of-a-kind custom and giclee printed Ketubot (Jewish marriage certificates).

Jim Williams
Calligraphy and penmanship lessons in a variety of alphabets, available by appointment.

Lucinda Zuccaro
Cards for Kaylee: Hand drawn and lettered cards with a sparkle of love and hope. Proceeds from cards benefit granddaughter Kaylee's medical care, speech therapy, medications, etc.